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Byung-Jun Lee

Assistant Professor, Department of Artificial Intelligence

Byung-Jun Lee is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Korea University. He is also a part-time applied scientist in Gauss Labs Inc. He obtained Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from KAIST in 2021 with the best thesis award.

Ph.D. thesis

Algorithms for efficient offline reinforcement learning
Byung-Jun Lee, School of Computing, KAIST, 2021. Best Thesis Award in KAIST CS.
Advisor: Kee-Eung Kim, Graduate School of AI, KAIST

Research overview

Interested in models and algorithms for data-driven sequential decision making (e.g. Reinforcement Learning), and their applications.

  • Efficient model architecture, learning and representations

  • Effcient algorithms for realistic problem settings (reinforcement/imitation learning for safe, constrained, offline, multi-task decision making in possibly non-stationary environments)

  • Applications to real-world problems (dialog management, manufacturing process automation, power network management, etc.)